Dubbed the ‘future of skincare’, injectable moisturisers like Profhilo work to improve the quality of your skin, so it refracts light in the most flattering way possible. I often recommend them to first-time patients because they’re such a simple procedure, and they don’t add volume to the face, so it’s a great introduction to aesthetic treatments if you’re feeling a little worried about injectables. So, how exactly do injectable moisturisers work, and how can they benefit you? Read on for my thoughts.

How do injectable moisturisers work?

Injectable moisturisers are injected under the skin using a fine needle. Once settled, the product remains in the skin for upto nine months, depending on the brand and formulation. The hyaluronic acid molecules in the gel attract and retain water, which enhances the extracellular matrix of the skin. If you think of the skin cells being stacked like bricks in a wall, the extracellular matrix is the mortar or cement that surrounds all those bricks. And improving the extracellular matrix encourages the growth of new collagen and elastin within the skin, which in turn, over the next few months, makes the skin firmer and bouncier. Although the gel itself often only lasts a matter of weeks with many products, the extra hydration and stimulation of collagen and elastin provides long-lasting effects for several months.

Are they a type of filler?

Even though injectable moisturisers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is what most facial fillers are made from, they do not give a plumping or filling effect in the face. For a start, they come in a very runny fluid gel, so they do not add any volume to the face. Also, they are injected only just beneath the surface of the skin, whereas fillers are placed more deeply into the face, for example, to restore lost volume in the cheeks, or to add structure to the jaw or chin.

Would they benefit you?

There are many ways that injectable moisturisers can benefit the skin. From increased hydration to stronger, firmer skin, here are four reasons to consider them…

They will smooth and firm your skin

Skin boosters like Profhilo, work by delving down below the skin’s surface, where it spreads and takes hold of the moisture from within. The substance then actually conditions the skin from the inside out, boosting collagen and elastin production, leading to softer, firmer skin and a more even skin tone.

They boost collagen production

They make older, drier skin feel fresher, softer, and more springy. Because of the extra collagen and elastin that injectable moisturisers generate, they leave skin stronger and firmer, and wrinkles softened.

They combat dryness

The surface of our skin tends to become rougher, drier and more crepey over the years. Dehydration occurs when the skin barrier isn’t doing its job of holding moisture in the skin as well as it used to – a battle that many women face as they approach and go through menopause. Once we start to lose hydration, the skin begins to look more tired and dull, and wrinkles show up more quickly.

They restore a healthy, vibrant glow

Also, having the extra hydration beneath the surface plumps up the skin cells. This makes the skin look smoother, and this smoothness reflects the light better, so the skin looks healthier and fresher. In this way, the treatments give back to older, drier skin some of the radiance and glow that gets lost with age.

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