It’s true that our delicate, thin-skinned eyes are first in line when it comes to making us look stressed, exhausted, or older than we really are. Dark circles, hollowness, crow’s feet lines and crepey skin around the eyes are some of the most common concerns that I see in my clinic.

While, unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all miracle eye tweakment, there are many solutions available for treating a wide-range of aesthetic concerns. But the eye area’s anatomy is challenging, very delicate and requires proper medical assessment to avoid complications.

If you’re searching for the best treatment to brighten dark circles, de-puff, soften fine lines, reduce hollowness and firm the skin around the eyes, these are some of the best, tried-and-tested tweakments for every eye concern.

Dark circles

Not all dark circles are the same. Dark purple or blue discolouration is often caused by blood vessels being visible through the delicate skin around the eye. These become more prominent with age as the skin starts to thin. Brownness around the eyes is pigmentation caused by sun damage. And under-eye hollowness casts a small shadow, making the area look dark.

All of these types of dark circles will be treated differently. Blue or purple dark circles usually benefit from a retinol eye cream that works on improving skin quality. When it comes to in-clinic treatments, lightEyes Ultra is an innovative Mesotherapy cocktail containing hyaluronic acid, ruscus, amino acids, vitamin C and antioxidants, that targets dark circles and crepey skin, as well as wrinkles and dehydration in as little as just one treatment.

Crow’s feet lines

Possibly the least problematic of all eyes concerns to solve, crow’s feet lines can be treated and softened with Botox injections at the outer eye corners. In some cases, if the lines are particularly deep, we may even inject a soft dermal filler directly into the lines to plump them out and rejuvenate the area around the eyes.

Under-eye crepiness and laxity

If you have mild textural issues (i.e. lines that deepen when you smile), expertly placed filler in the tear trough or cheekbone is ideal. Fillers will support the muscles and skin and smooth out the texture whilst hydrating the area as well.

However, if you’re in your mid-forties or beyond, you will likely benefit more from intense energy-based devices to kickstart collagen production and smooth and tighten the area. Sofwave is an FDA-approved non-invasive treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and laxity, which uses a next-generation Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology designed to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Sofwave can be used on the full face to target fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, providing total facial rejuvenation. It’s an excellent option for the eye area and can give very impressive results with an up to 4mm eye lift.


One thing that makes people look tired and aged is hollow grooves under the eyes, caused by natural fat loss and bone resorption as we age. This can be addressed non-surgically with tear trough filler, which plumps up depleted hollows with an injectable hyaluronic acid gel.

Tear trough work is all about creating a smooth junction between the lower eyelid and the cheek. The idea is that hyaluronic acid filler is placed, very strategically, in tiny doses into the eye socket to minimise hollowness by plumping, hydrating and thickening the delicate skin. Some practitioners may also inject the surrounding cheek area to rebuild the structure of the face and create better symmetry.

Drooping brow

When your brows droop or sag, you will probably notice a few more lines across your forehead and some laxity on your upper eyelids too, as our brows, forehead, and upper eyelids are all connected. So, when your brow begins to droop, you may look tired or older than you feel. Again, using Sofwave ultrasound technology, we can tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and address your droopy brow in a single treatment session.

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