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In the era of ‘snatched’ jawlines, let’s not lose touch with what’s natural

2022-11-18T16:43:06+00:00November 21st, 2022|

Getting jawline filler right can be tricky - you need to fully understand the facial anatomy and how it changes over time. Having a well-defined jawline is a sign of youth and beauty, but many aesthetic practitioners have seen a rise in requests for 'razor sharp' jawlines over recent years. Some people may even say [...]

Hydroquinone: Is it safe? And what are the alternatives?

2022-10-31T16:28:09+00:00October 31st, 2022|

An uneven skin tone is extremely common and an issue that I frequently see in clinic. Regardless of skin colour, dark spots and pigmentation can affect everyone and any part of the face and body that's regularly exposed to the sun or has been scarred. Fortunately, there are various powerful skincare ingredients that can effectively [...]

If you’re going through menopause, these are the skincare ingredients you should be using

2022-10-17T07:20:36+00:00October 24th, 2022|

The shift in hormones that occurs during perimenopause and beyond can significantly impact your body – skin included. In fact, no phase of life has a greater effect on a woman's skin than menopause. 30% is a significant number. And that's how much collagen and elastin you will lose in just the first five years [...]

Want a facelift without the surgery? These are the treatments to consider

2022-10-17T07:18:15+00:00October 17th, 2022|

If you'd like to lift and tighten your skin without having to endure the pain and downtime of surgery, you'll be pleased to hear that it is possible to get impressive results with non-surgical treatments. Historically, a facelift is viewed as the ultimate solution for men and women who wish to shed years off their [...]

6 strange and surprising symptoms of menopause and how to combat them

2022-10-03T18:01:26+00:00October 3rd, 2022|

From brittle nails and muscle pain to heart palpitations and bruising, these are a few surprising symptoms of the menopause that you may not expect. Menopause affects women in many ways, but did you know that there are around 34 different symptoms? Some of the most common and well-known include hot flushes and mood changes, [...]

What skin treatments are safe to do at home? And which should you leave to the professionals?

2022-09-20T11:20:04+00:00September 26th, 2022|

Today it seems there is a new beauty tool or at-home device hitting the market every week, each promising to deliver glowing, healthy skin from the comfort of your own home. It may be tempting to turn to these options if you have a busy lifestyle, and while you may not be able to mimic [...]

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