I now probably receive more requests for Jawline Enhancement that any other treatment. This is because the jawline is usually the first area of the face that our eyes are drawn to, so its shape, size and contouring will have a big impact on overall facial appearance.

Most of the changes we see in our jawlines are age related, as our jawbones loose density over time. Genetics, lifestyle factors including weight loss, smoking and over exposure to UV light all also contribute to changes in the jawline, as does the loss of collagen and elastin as we get older.

My patients, both male and female, are often looking to address a particular age related issue e.g. jowls or sagging skin, or to correct a specific genetic condition such as a receding jawline or chin. Younger patients may be seeking the prefect chiselled jawline of their favourite Hollywood hero or heroine or are looking to achieve a particular image for their social media profiles and posts.

With so many recent advancements in products and treatment techniques, the large number of treatment options available has become confusing for many. But while this choice may cause difficulties for patients, it gives aesthetic doctors and practitioners the chance to develop more tailored treatment programmes to better meet patient outcomes.

Treatment itself often starts by first addressing the cheeks, restoring structure, lifting tissue and taking weight away from the jawline. Treatment combinations will then be recommended to achieve the best possible results. Options may include PDO thread lifts, skin tightening treatments including Profhilo and Venus Viva. CoolMini, a specialist fat-freezing treatment may be used for the area underneath the chin and around the jaw. Dermal fillers then provide volume, structure and hydration, with several dermal fillers having been especially developed for the jawline and chin areas.

But whichever filler is used, treatment is only as good as the doctor or practitioner using it, and the jawline in particular needs an artist’s eye and a sculptor’s understanding and appreciation of form and proportion to be successful. The tiniest lump or bump in the wrong place can have a huge impact on the overall balance of the jawline and of the face as a whole.

For more information or to book a personal consultation with Dr Sophie, please call 0330 1331 272.Please note that I will never recommend jawline enhancement treatments for anyone who is under 18, as a young persons face will usually still be growing and changing until they reach this age. I will also discuss your medical history with you at your consultation to ensure that any and all treatment recommendations are 100% safe and suitable for each and every patient.