A lot happens to our face as we age. Not only does our skin become looser, wrinkled and more fragile, but the actual shape of the face changes too – and the jawline is no exception. The most typical effect that ageing has on the jawline is that it gets less defined with time. One reason is bone resorption which causes the angle of the jawl – or the posterior part of the jawline to become less defined.

Jowling is another consequence of an ageing jawline. Jowls are a complex problem caused by several things that are mainly related to gravity, in combination with a loss of collagen and elastin. Fat pads in the cheeks descend to the lower part of the face and fall below the jawline. Combined with bone resorption in the posterior part of the jaw and stretched skin, the result is a sagging jawline that has lost its sharpness.

Are facial fillers the solution? 

Fillers can be very effective for restoring jawline definition, but oftentimes what we dislike about our jawline isn’t related to volume loss – which injectable fillers are designed to treat – but rather laxity and sagging. When things drop, they need to be lifted if you want a natural look. If you add filler to improve drooping or camouflage the jowls, depending on their severity, we may widen or bulk the jawline. However if we restore lost volume in the cheeks using filler to provide structure to the face, this supports the lower face and can provide improvement whilst maintaining facial harmony.

The best treatments for improving jowls

When slack skin and prominent jowls become a concern, there are various non-surgical treatment options to consider. Profound RF combines microneedling and radiofrequency to resurface the skin and tighten laxity.

Microneedling creates minuscule injuries to the skin, simulating a natural healing response of new collagen and elastin fibres that tighten, smooth, and resurface the skin. It also delivers targeted fractional radiofrequency deep into the dermis, which provides a powerful skin tightening effect.

The device is more powerful than other popular RF microneedling treatments, with 4-second radiofrequency energy pulses and precise temperature control that heats the dermis to 67 degrees C. This means that Profound RF can deliver a noticeable result in a single treatment session.

Another powerful option is Sofwave which utilises Intense Ultrasound Beam Technology, allowing sound wave energy to bypass the skin’s surface (the epidermis) so there is no external damage. It is a non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatment that takes just 30 minutes and promises impressive results. With Sofwave, collagen and elastin stores are boosted from the inside out, toning the skin for a sharper, more contoured jawline.

After tightening the area with an energy treatment, filler is usually the icing on top of the cake. By strategically placing small amounts of filler along the jawline, we can create an ‘edge’ that better frames the face and gives definition – particularly to achieve that reverse ‘L’ shape where the jawline meets the ear.

Below the jawline

Sometimes you may have a great jawline, but you can’t quite see it because there’s an extra layer of fat obscuring it – and this is a common ageing concern. In the right person – with small pockets of pinchable fat – non-invasive contouring treatments can help reduce a double chin. The CoolMini, an under-the-chin CoolSculpting attachment, freezes and kills stubborn fat cells. But I love Belkyra, an injectable treatment that, when injected into fatty tissues, physically destroys the fat cells for a smoother and more refined appearance.

If you’re concerned about changes in your lower face and want to discuss the available options, click here to book a consultation.