As we wave goodbye to our twenties and welcome the new chapter of our thirties, our skin also turns a new leaf, facing changes that call for an evolved skincare approach. This decade is a critical time for skin health, marked by the gradual slowdown of collagen and elastin production, which are the scaffolding of youthful, supple skin. The result? Fine lines, wrinkles, and changes in skin texture and firmness begin to surface, subtly at first, then more pronounced as we move towards our forties.

But our thirties can also be a golden era for your skin, given the right care, attention, and arsenal of skincare strategies. If you’re wondering how to care for your skin during this decade, read on for the key things I would be doing to age-proof my complexion if I was in my thirties.

What happens to your skin in your thirties?

During our thirties, our skin undergoes several changes – the pace of cell turnover diminishes, leading to a less radiant complexion and making fine lines more noticeable. Our skin’s collagen production—essential for its firmness and elasticity—begins to decline, heralding the onset of visible ageing signs. This period also sees a decrease in hyaluronic acid levels, which results in less hydrated, less voluminous skin. These intrinsic changes make it imperative to adopt skincare practices that are more focused and deliberate, with an emphasis on preventing further damage, rejuvenating the existing skin cells, and maintaining the skin’s overall health through targeted treatments and products.

So, what should a thirty-year-old be doing for their skin?

Use a retinoid

A gold standard in anti-aging skincare, retinoids promote cell turnover, help fade pigmentation, and stimulate collagen production. Start with a lower concentration to acclimate your skin, and always apply sunscreen in the morning, as retinoids can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Incorporate an antioxidant

Antioxidants protect against free radical damage, even out skin tone, and boost collagen production. Incorporate a vitamin C serum into your morning routine for added protection against environmental aggressors.

Boost hydration levels

To combat decreasing hydration levels, hyaluronic acid is indispensable. It draws moisture into the skin, offering that coveted plump and dewy look.

Try a peptide serum

Peptides are building blocks of proteins such as collagen and elastin. They can signal your skin to do many things such as to ramp up its collagen production, thus improving skin texture and reducing fine lines.

Start preventative Botox

As we age, the movement of the muscles under the surface of the skin becomes more exaggerating, which means fine lines and wrinkles will begin to become continuously present and not just during movement. When used on small muscles in the upper face, Botox smooths out these fine lines and prevents them from becoming etched on our faces.

Improve skin quality with Polynucleotides

I love polynucleotides because they can be used as a recovery treatment to counteract signs of ageing, or more preventatively for younger skin. They improve skin quality and appearance in a multitude of ways, via boosting collagen production, hydration and elasticity. The result is a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, crepiness, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and scarring. They are specifically recommended for counteracting dark circles under the eyes too.

Invest in collagen-banking treatments

Our collagen levels are declining in our thirties, leading to deeper lines and folds, so you must support and boost your levels through good quality skincare and in-clinic treatments. Skin boosters and energy treatments are amongst of my favourite ways to stimulate collagen and elastin production. They have various immediate benefits, but they also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which is what, in time, will make the skin smoother, plumper, and bouncier and keep it looking youthful and healthy in a very natural way, no matter your age.

Radiofrequency and microneedling, used either in combination or separately, are also brilliant ways to boost collagen production in the skin.

Remember, skincare and tweakments are deeply personal. What works for one person may not work for another. It’s always wise to consult with a professional to tailor a treatment plan that’s right for your skin type, concerns, and goals. In your thirties, investing in your skin is not just about maintaining its current state but ensuring its health and vibrancy for decades to come. Embrace this decade with the right care, and your skin will thank you for years to come.