If you’re a fan of skincare, then you’ve probably used a few products in your time that have promised exceptional results on the packaging, but when it came to delivery, they just couldn’t follow through. Unfortunately, this is why so many people are reluctant to believe that skincare can really change their skin. But what makes the difference between an effective product and an ineffective one is whether it contains decent quality ingredients, at sufficient levels of concentration to give a result, in a formula that gets them where they need to go.

And one brand that does this exceptionally well is Meder Beauty Science, a leading skincare brand developed by Estonian cardiologist-turned-dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder, and is one of the first to champion microbiome friendly high-performance skincare. So, what exactly is Meder Beauty Science, what can you expect from its products and what sets it apart from other skincare brands?

What is Meder Beauty Science?

Since its inception, Meder Beauty Science has earned recognition worldwide as a microbiome friendly brand that embodies a strictly scientific vision and a firm belief in natural pain-free beauty. They believe that cosmetic skincare should be used to maintain each person’s own unique beauty instead of altering their appearance in pursuit of the latest trend. Meder Beauty Science products are developed in partnership with cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, microbiologists and molecular geneticists to achieve maximum impact on the skin and microbiome, whilst using only safe ingredients with scientifically confirmed benefits.

Their products range from serums that harness the power of regenerating probiotics and botanical ingredients to reduce redness in sensitive skin types and rosacea sufferers to creams that smooth wrinkles and firm the skin on the neck. The beauty of the range is that it caters to every requirement. Their philosophy is that every face is beautiful and healthy skin always looks good. Time does not make us ugly, we live through it, and it changes us accordingly. No skincare can stop time – and their clients do not expect any such voodoo. But what they can expect is reliability – time will move on, but Meder Beauty Science products are there to stay and help them look good on any day, regardless of their age.

Why is Meder Beauty a staple on my bathroom shelf?

When I discovered the brand for the first time, I very quickly fell in love, and it wasn’t long before it was on my own clinic shelf.

When I look at a skincare brand, I want to see evidence-based ingredients that are research-backed and supplied at sufficient concentration levels to give a result. But ingredients only tell one part of the story. Just because the ingredients work well doesn’t necessarily mean that the formulation will. So, it’s equally as crucial that the product formula gets those high-quality, research-backed ingredients exactly where they need to go within the skin. Meder Beauty ticks both of those boxes. Not only has it been developed by a dermatologist, but also by the very best product formulators. This gives a powerful combination of experts who understand the skin and those who know the best way to deliver the right formulations to where they need to go in the dermis. The result? Effective, easy to use, research-backed skincare that delivers outstanding results.

My product favourites

MYO-Fix DIY Facial

In terms of at-home facials, Meder Beauty is the first I’ve seen that achieves this standard of results. I particularly love the MYO-Fix Treatment which is a concentrate that relaxes your muscles to a slightly lesser degree than botox but still an impressive amount, and absolutely anyone can use it to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – even those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Not only are their DIY facials easy to understand and follow, but they also provide the perfect amount of product for your facial so that you can’t overuse ingredients.

Circa-Night Cream

This product introduces biohacking to optimise your skin. The idea is that you should apply the product between 8pm and 11.30pm, and it will help give your cells certain things they need to optimise your circadian rhythm. So even if you’re on night shift or have a newborn and are getting less sleep than usual, apply this product in the morning your skin will be glowing and radiant as though you’ve had a whole night’s sleep. It’s a real lifesaver.

Red-Apax Concentrate

For Rosacea sufferers, this product is truly ground-breaking. It uses completely different technology from anything else on the market. It combines ingredients like prebiotics, probiotics, yacon extract and northern truffle extract to reduce redness and calm the skin. My patients who have tried the serum have never seen results like it or experienced skin as calm as they do now.

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