Are the treatments that I offer just about minimising fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing jowls or plumping the lips? While this may be what people initially come to see me asking for, the reason that it bothers them is that it’s affecting their self-esteem. They look in the mirror and can only focus on their perceived ‘flaws’, they feel self-conscious when having their photo taken, or they long to feel like themselves once again.

Whatever your reason may be for seeking Botox, fillers or other ‘tweakments’, they can be very powerful tools for subtly improving and preventing the signs of ageing, balancing asymmetries and restoring a fresher appearance that helps you look good and feel good on the inside, without the risks or downtime that come with more invasive procedures.

The rise of ‘tweakments’

Non-surgical ‘tweakments’ have opened up cosmetic procedures to the masses; they’re affordable, low risk (when you’re in the right hands), temporary and have minimal downtime. They’ve also been made popular by celebrities, global influencers and reality TV stars, to the point where they’ve almost become normalised as part of our beauty routine.

Over the last two decades, non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox, fillers, thread lifts and RF microneedling have changed the way we look at ageing faces – and the way we view beauty. And, as time goes on, I think that more and more people are becoming aware of the subtle yet remarkable effects these treatments can have. They are less costly, time-consuming, and invasive than cosmetic surgery, yet more expensive and a lot more effective than your standard beauty treatments.

These ‘tweakments’ go far beyond just wrinkle-smoothing and plumping. When strategically placed, they can be used to make small but significant structural alterations to a face: raising the cheekbones a fraction, strengthening the jawline, adjusting asymmetry, straightening a hooked nose, redefining the lips – techniques that can enhance a face whatever its age.

More than being wrinkle free

There is a widespread misconception that aesthetic treatments are all about ‘anti-ageing’ and while most do help you to appear younger, given that they are softening wrinkles, smoothing away pigmentation, and tightening up loose skin, ‘looking younger’ is usually one of the last reasons people seek these treatments. For many, it’s to look fresher, appear more rested, and feel more confident. It’s not about looking good for your age; it’s about looking good, full stop.

And tweakments are incredibly versatile. They can be used to address a variety of aesthetic concerns – asymmetry of your eyebrows, unwanted fine lines around your eyes, a bump on your nose, thinning of your lips, dull skin quality, jaw grinding, a gummy smile, or even a combination of all those things. The key is addressing these things in microquantities, with minor changes that add up to a more balanced, rested appearance without any single part attracting attention.

Our approach to aesthetic treatments is constantly changing. Now, most people want to feel like the best version of themselves rather than look like someone else. This is the essence of tiny tweakments: They allow us to preserve the feeling of facial identity whilst optimising all-round facial beauty. When done right, a tweakment strikes the perfect balance of enhancing or correcting whilst still appearing natural.