From softening fine lines and eliminating dark circles to lifting sagging jowls and boosting radiance, there isn’t much that we can’t achieve with injectables these days. Instead, they provide subtle enhancements that deliver life-transforming results, and the range of options available is on the rise. And the aim of any treatment is that it should be invisible. People should think you look fresh and beautiful without being able to detect why.

From skin boosters to denser fillers, the latest approaches do just that, focusing on enhancing and rejuvenating without making obvious changes to the face. Here are the top injectable treatments that my patients are seeking right now…

Profhilo – For deep hydration and radiance

Imagine having a layer of long-lasting moisturiser that lives just beneath the surface of your skin to keep it radiant and smooth – this is what you get with Profhilo. Made with a very fluid type of hyaluronic acid gel, Profhilo acts as a magnet to hold water within the skin, and all that hydration helps the skin to remodel itself, creating more collagen and elastin that gives the skin its firmness and spring.

Profhilo is injected at 5 points on each side of the face and spreads evenly throughout the layers of the skin drawing water along the way. This approach plumps the skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles whilst boosting the skin’s radiance and dewiness. It lasts for six months and refreshes a tired, dry, and crepey complexion.

Fillers – For restoring volume and definition

Dermal fillers sit under the skin to provide volume and support in multiple areas of the face – like cheeks and lips. The most commonly used facial fillers are temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. The best known and best-accredited filler brands are Juvederm and Restylane, which fall into this category. Dermal fillers are available in different densities or thicknesses, depending on the area they are used for – a denser, firmer filler would be used to contour the cheeks or strengthen the jawline, but we’d opt for a lightweight filler to give a gentle uplift to the lips.

When treating with fillers, the aim is to soften the face by replacing lost volume, particularly in the chin, cheeks and lips. Also, dermal fillers are used to lift and structure the face, for example, by adding definition to the jawline and chin or balancing facial asymmetry.

LightEyes – For brightening the eyes and combatting dark circles

A bright, revitalised eye area is the key to a fresh, youthful appearance. But busy lives, stress and the natural ageing process all result in tell-tale under-eye bags and shadows that even the best concealers can’t hide.

If your concerns include eye bags, dark circles, crepey skin, wrinkles or dehydration, LightEyes Ultra may be the solution. This revolutionary treatment brightens the entire eye area and increases circulation. Several small injections under the eye release a powerful cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, and wonder ingredient, hyaluronic acid, into the skin, assisting in the formation of collagen and hyaluronic acid production and protecting against free radicals. The result? A lighter, tighter, visibly brightened eye area.

Nucleofill – for skin renewal and reconstruction 

Looking to deeply hydrate skin tissues, promote collagen stimulation and firm and contour the skin? Nucleofill encourages deep stimulation of the elastin and collagen production functions, kickstarting youthful skin regeneration. Instead of introducing hyaluronic acid to the skin, as other skin boosters do, Nucleofill contains polynucleotide-based bio-stimulating gels to help contour, firm, and boost collagen. It’s not as volumising as filler, but it’s a treatment that produces a very natural look and provides structure to the skin on the face, neck, and around the eyes whilst also being deeply hydrating.

Viscoderm Hydrobooster – for smoothing wrinkles and improving elasticity

Hydration is vital for maintaining healthy, vibrant skin, and Viscoderm Hydrobooster is a stabilised hyaluronic acid injectable that offers dual-action results to help you do just that. It works by intensely hydrating the skin from within whilst subtly smoothing out superficial lines on the surface, such as upper lip lines, without the puffiness you get from filler.

This treatment noticeably improves the skin’s elasticity, radiance, and smoothness for a softer, youthful appearance. Viscoderm Hydrobooster is particularly useful for those with signs of ageing around mobile areas of the face such as around the mouth, eyes, and forehead.

Radiesse – For rejuvenating ageing hands

Dense, collagen-stimulating fillers like Radiesse are a top choice for many patients when aiming to rejuvenate ageing hands. As we age, not only do our hands start to thin, but their hydration levels drop, and the cartilage begins to shrink. When used strategically, dermal fillers like Radiesse will plump and replenish lost volume, giving the hands strength and support to help them appear fuller, well-hydrated, and more youthful.