We’re all aware of the volumising and rejuvenating effects that dermal fillers can have. They’re commonly requested to help patients appear more youthful, to balance the facial contours and boost declining collagen levels. But many don’t realise that they can also have a beautiful slimming effect when placed strategically in particular areas of the face. This is why I created my Slim and Sculpt treatment protocol – designed to decrease submental fat under the chin, sculpt the jawline, and ‘contour’ the face.

What we often refer to as a ‘double chin’ can actually be due to a genetic predisposition and can be resistant to diet and exercise. Even bad posture can cause a double chin. It’s common to be a very normal, healthy weight and yet still hold a little submental fat on the face that just needs a little helping hand to eliminate.

Targeting submental fat

We can effectively eliminate stubborn pockets of fat under the chin using Belkyra, a hotly anticipated deoxycholic acid submental fat treatment and a truly unique fat-dissolving powerhouse. Belkyra (Kybella in the USA) is an FDA approved treatment that targets fat by dissolving the outer covering of the fat cell, bursting it like a tiny balloon before it’s excreted via your lymphatic system, leaving a beautifully sculpted chin and improved neck profile in its wake. This part of the treatment programme may require a series of treatments, depending on the severity and the amount of subcutaneous fat you have in the area.

Face Slimming Mask and LED Therapy

Following the fat dissolving injections, a Meder Beauty Lipo Oval mask is applied to the face to enhance the facial slimming effect whilst brightening the complexion. This high-tech treatment mask is clinically proven to reduce facial puffiness, malar bags and a double chin.

Formulated with golden bamboo fibre and soaked in an active gel that restores microcirculation, the Lipo-Oval mask drains excess fluid and brings back capillary elasticity. It also contains a high concentration of caffeine to help increase circulation and break down fat.

Not only is Lipo-Oval a highly effective face slimming mask that increases lipolysis and eliminates excess water, but it also brightens the complexion, erases traces of fatigue, and makes a face look well-rested and healthy.

The Lipo-Oval mask is left on the skin for 20 minutes, whilst LED Light Therapy penetrates the skin to help repair and rejuvenate your complexion.

At-home skincare 

Following treatment, you will take home four more Lipo-Oval masks to use at home for four consecutive weeks in conjunction with the Lipo-oval Concentrate for daily use. I love this product – it offers so many benefits and is also great to have handy in your bathroom cupboard if you ever need a quick morning de-puff.


At some point during our forties, our faces will start to flatten and lose volume. As with most other aspects of ageing, it’s something we barely notice at first; and it happens when those balloon-like fat pads that support the face and keep the skin nice and taut start to deflate gradually. As the cheeks lose their support and the fat-pads migrate downwards, the face can end up looking fuller and squarer.

Not everyone will require this part of the treatment programme, but strategically placed filler can effectively slim the face. It can be used to re-position the facial fat pads and back-pin along the jawline and along the cheekbone. Even though technically filler is adding volume to the face, it is doing so by returning the fat pads to a more youthful position, and so the face actually looks slimmer – a really powerful illusion. This technique also works in younger patients who genetically have full areas in ‘undesirable’ places.

Is Slim & Sculpt right for you?

Slim and Sculpt is an excellent treatment option if your main concerns include fullness under your chin or a wide or ‘square’ appearance of the face.

Ultimately, whether this particular treatment programme is most suited to you comes down to your specific requirements, which can be established during a consultation with an experienced practitioner before deciding to go ahead.

To find out more about my Slim and Sculpt treatment, click here to book a consultation to discuss your concerns and establish a treatment plan tailored to your needs.